03 Jun

Arista : Transforming Silos into Universal Cloud Networking

We have witnessed a massive shift in the way applications are built and deployed, moving away from siloed IT to seamless workloads, workflows and work-streams. This revolution has changed the fundamental way that networks are architected to enable support of cloud native applications. With these new architectures, one can now automate and provision the entire network with real time agility, ushering in a new class of cloud networks.

Arista’s recent introduction of  “universal spine and leaf” is both revolutionary in its disruption to legacy architectures and yet evolutionary in its approach to cloud network migrations. The enthusiastic reception from our customers of the 7500R and new companion 7280R has been very welcoming as they transform cumbersome and complex legacy router deployments and traditional management into simplicity with scale. It heralds a new era of integrated Places in the Network (PINS) as shown in the figure below for three different types of cloud networking segments.

to read more : http://www.arista.com/blogs/?p=1343&utm_campaign=2016%20Q2%20Universal%20Leaf%20Launch&utm_content=29232821&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter

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