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About Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks is a pioneer in Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall solutions for the enterprise and data center. Built for cloud-based and virtual environments, our innovative solutions enable organizations to proactively improve network security without sacrificing network performance.

Legacy firewalls that rely on signature recognition and static threshold techniques are simply no match for the next-generation threats hidden in normal network traffic now. To equip enterprises for today’s security challenges, Hillstone’s advanced technology includes sophisticated behavioral intelligence, data analysis, and deep application awareness to detect abnormal attack-related behavior before it becomes a problem.


Enterprise-grade firewalls

Hillstone Networks’ E-Series Next-Generation Firewalls provide visibility and control of web-based application traffic regardless of port, protocol or IP address.


Integrated behavioral intelligence

Hillstone Network’s T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) is an application-aware firewall that continuously monitors the network.


Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewalls

Hillstone Networks  data center firewall offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks.


Management Platform

Hillstone’s Security Manager enhances network security by allowing businesses to segment their networks into multiple virtual domains. Domains can be based on geography, business unit or security function. It provides the versatility needed to manage Hillstone’s infrastructure while simplifying configuration, accelerating deployment cycles, and reducing management overhead.

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