06 May

Nutanix Hyper-convergence infrastructure: CIOs mull hardware savings

Hyper-converged infrastructure may or may not cut hardware costs, but some CIOs and other industry executives suggest an emphasis on sticker price misses the point.

Comparing one technology architecture to another from a financial perspective has always been a sticky proposition. In evaluating hyper-convergence infrastructure — the latest take on integrated IT systems — CIOs might feel they’ve wandered into a quagmire.

While hyper-convergence would seem to be a money saver, the technology’s actual cost-cutting potential may prove elusive. That’s particularly the case when evaluating the initial cost of hyper-converged platforms against otherdata center options. But interviews with CIOs and other industry executives suggest that the primarybenefits of hyper-convergedinfrastructure may be found in administrative cost reduction and in the technology’s smaller data center footprint.

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