04 May

Nutanix in CRN The 10 Most Controversial Companies Of 2015

Nutanix didn’t take kindly to it when Chuck Hollis, the longtime EMC and VMware storage executive who left in August, raised questions about Nutanix’s technology and support in a blog post in March. Dheeraj Pandey, president and CEO of Nutanix, responded by calling Hollis’ assertions”truly inane.”

This wasn’t just a typical vendor spat. Nutanix,with more than $312 million in funding, considers itself a bona fide challenger to VMware’s longstanding dominance of the data center. And Pandey’s response to Hollis’ claims show that the scrappy startup isn’t going to be pushed around without a fight.

to read more : http://www.crn.com/slide-shows/channel-programs/300079198/the-10-most-controversial-companies-of-2015.htm/pgno/0/3?itc=hp_todays_news

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